Our Unique Expertise

In the early development of our designs and prior to undertaking the tremendous time and effort necessary to conceptualize, develop, design, and attain approvals, we take into consideration the client’s requirements in context to the market forces which impact all projects.
We typically prepare a schematic plan for each project we are contemplating and we use those preliminary plans to prepare a preliminary cost analysis. If the project seems feasible we then continue on to the design development phase.
It is during the design development phase where we develop 3D Computer Renderings of the project to help the client visualize the end product. Such renderings are utilized to assist us in studying the building’s massing and anticipated building textures. At the completion of this phase the project’s cost is re-estimated with all the information gained from the building’s 3D modeling to assure compliance to our initial project cost estimates. Depending on the outcome we proceed to the construction drawings phase or value-engineer the design to ascertain alternate design solutions.
This type of design/value-engineering process helps to contain costs and to minimize redesign thereby streamlining the time required between design and building. It is this approach that we extend to our clients and to each project we undertake.